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Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a Training Hub?

What is the difference between a Training Hub and a CEPN?

What are we working on now?

How is the Training Hub funded?

What is Integrated Care?

What is the Digital Training Hub?

Why are we developing an Integrated Care System?

Who is involved in the BHR Integrated Care System?

What is ‘Care Closer to Home’?

What is ‘Place Based Care’?

How do I volunteer at a Covid-19 vaccination site?

How do I access Covid-19 vaccination training?

Where are the Covid-19 vaccination sites?

How do I become a trainer?

How do I become a Clinical Supervisor?

How does my PCN become a training site?

How do I access apprenticeships?

How can I get a Future NHS account?

How can I get an Open Athens account?

How can I get an E-Learning for Health account?


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