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Primary Care Anchor Network (PCAN) Promotional Video

NEL Primary Care Awards

NEL Primary Care Awards

NEL Primary Care Awards

GP Supervisor Course

CPV Award


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Demystifying Self-Harm

05 Jul 2024

EHCH framework and DES specification Workshop webinar

05 Jul 2024

NEL Admin and Management staff development programme

08 Jul 2024

The ASK Workshop: Assessing for Suicide in Kids (face to face)

10 Jul 2024

London GPN Celebration Event

12 Jul 2024

London Cancer Community of Practice – Face to face event

16 Jul 2024

Suicide First Aid Lite

19 Jul 2024

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

24 Jul 2024

Apprenticeship Offers

31 Jul 2024

FREE Online Training for Professionals’ on ‘Identifying Hidden Carers

04 Sep 2024