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NEL Primary Care Awards

NEL Primary Care Awards

NEL Primary Care Awards

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Foundations in Motivational Interviewing Training: a focus on Vaccine Hesitancy

01 Mar 2024

NHSE & HEE Funded CPD Courses in North East London 2024-2025

04 Mar 2024

Building Better Patient Relationships (Two-part)

05 Mar 2024

Bringing Cystic Fibrosis Genetic Tests to Primary Care

06 Mar 2024

Health Literacy Awareness Training

06 Mar 2024

Trauma Informed Care Training

06 Mar 2024

Lets talk menopause

07 Mar 2024

Interactive Session on Health Equity and Diabetes Care

07 Mar 2024

Apprenticeship Offers

08 Mar 2024

Personalised Prescribing: Pharmacogenomics From a Primary Care Perspective

13 Mar 2024