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NEL PCN Professional Development Framework Workshop

NEL PCN Professional Development Framework Workshop

Date: Wednesday 1st March 2023
Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Link to book: Click here

Following the Introduction of the ARRS scheme and the various new roles coming into Primary Care, ICB colleagues highlighted the need to develop a NEL-wide multi-professional CPD (Continued Professional Development) framework to support PCNs to embed and develop these roles in Primary Care and to help create an infrastructure which we hope will lead to improved retention and utilisation.

Given the current challenges around workforce recruitment and retention across General Practice, leaders from across PCNs are keen to understand the specific professional development requirements for each role within their MDT workforce and to work with them to create an approach that celebrates the unique offer that each role contributes, whilst being sustainable and affordable to deliver.

This workshop is being hosted by the ICB to bring together PCN, ICB and Professional Leads to identify the key elements that should be considered for the framework and to establish what good looks like.

The workshop will be delivered virtually and a link to the session will be shared with you once you’ve booked via the above link.

If you’re not able to join on this date but would like to contribute to this work, please get in touch with Michael.cleary2@nhs.net in the first instance