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Video Group Clinics (VGCs): review and support your patients through COVID and beyond​

Published on: Wednesday, 14/10/2020 @ 10:26 hrs

Get ahead in 2021 by understanding the benefits of VGCs early! Virtual training sessions:
April 2021: Tuesday 20th (9-11:30am)
May 2021: Wednesday 12th (2-4:30pm), Thursday 27th (9-11:30am)
June 2021: Monday 14th (2-4:30pm), Tuesday 29th (9-11:30am)
July 2021: Wednesday 14th (2-4:30pm)
August 2021: Wednesday 11th (9-11:30am).

– Address concerns about the vaccine
– Support patients affected by Covid and Long Covid
– Maintain QOF reviews and follow despite social distancing
– Support high risk groups to improve their health e.g. people with Type 2 Diabetes and respiratory conditions
– Overcome isolation
– Respond to anxiety
– Provide reassurance
– Build community by connecting patients in the same situation
– Save clinician time (up to 80%)
– Support retention through flexible home working
– Future-proof your service; build service resilience during and post lockdown

To register email julia@elcworks.co.uk
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