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Recruitment for the Apprentice Nursing Associate (ANA/TNA) course starting in September 2021 – both in General Practice and Nursing Homes

Published on: Thursday, 29/04/2021 @ 02:52 hrs

If you would like to ‘grow’ a staff member into a Registered Nursing Associate, (or to recruit a new staff member), please email Eloise Mahoney: jobarter08@gmail.com

The Nursing Associate is a new role registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) which has been developed to expand the capacity of your nursing workforce, freeing up Registered Nurse’s time to work to focus on more complex care and leadership.

Nursing Homes and General Practices can support staff to complete the 2 year Nursing Associate apprenticeship. In addition, Primary Care Networks can access salary reimbursement for the Trainee Nursing Associate role while they are in training.

For more information:

For General practice click here
For Nursing homes click here
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